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  1. The trend that 4 out of 6 found examples of mother’s blaming themselves for their children’s problems is very interesting. Do any of these trends seem more important than the others, to you? I really like the topic you chose, and your different research articles have been very interesting so far.

    • I think the mother guilt trend is really interesting but none of the articles explain (or try to explain) why the moms are feeling guilty, so I would be speculating a lot if I focused only on that. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Do you think the use of internet improve the relationship between children and parents? Do you want your mom to be your friend on Facebook? How do you think it effects the relationship and what the evidence say about how it effects? either positive or negative effect, i think you can focus on one of them.

    • Nope, I do not think that, specially for teens. Maybe as adults is ok to be friends with your parents, even more so if you live in different cities (or countries like us ;)), but teenagers do not like to be friends with mom and dad on fb and instagram. I would love to research more about that but my project’s focus is on parents’ relationship with other parents online and not so much their kids. I’ll have to save that for another time 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  3. Have you looked into how children feel about their mothers talking about them? Especially over the internet? In what ways do the mothers blame themselves for their children’s problems?

    • One of my articles discussed that, obviously teens don’t like when their parents are all over their social media profiles 🙂 The studies that I looked at which studied discourse in helping forums for ODD and ADHD found that moms blame themselves a lot for their kid’s issues. Also, another case study about miscarriages found that a lot of moms blame themselves for losing a child 🙁 Thank you for your comment!

  4. I like your topic question and your sources vary on different things although they look at the positives, so maybe you can look for negative effects of how using social media is bad for parenting. Really neat though! Cool topic.

    • Thanks, my first article found that time spent on FB correlates to parenting stress for new parents. So yeah, there are definitely bad sides to social media for parents!

  5. It doesn’t seem you found any trends on effects on children. I see self-blame, which is interesting. Using facebook more than fathers doesn’t seem to be a very helpful trend, as far as making an argument on impacts of social media.

    — finger pointing, feeling judged — how many of your sources discussed this impact?

  6. I had read your draft and I think you are making very good arguments there! However, just looking at your research trend, I am wondering what is the significant of your first trend (fathers use social media less than mothers)? But I really like how you are using both qualitative and quantitative examples to support your claim. And do you think to look for more information about how their online living effect parents-children relationship since it is your main research question?

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