Cover letter

At the beginning of the semester my initial impression as a writer was not impressive. I can write, but I have never considered myself a good writer. I have however, always done well formulating thoughts and collaborating with people on said thoughts. I am now into my second semester and I have continued to expand my knowledge both through experience and through academics.  I have continued to work on formulating my thoughts better but able to put those thoughts into a constructive outlet through various assignments as the year has gone on. The pieces I am adding this semester are an argumentative essay on medical marijuana use in adolescents as well as a research paper for the topic on medical marijuana use, I believe that there is great potential in helping cases regarding adolescent autism and epilepsy. The final story I will be including this semester is a story about a mermaid in the city, based on a local mural. I am grateful that this course is required, otherwise I might of missed out. This class is often the only time I get to be educated on current events, from a reliable source like my professor, and to be able to discuss them. As I continue on throughout my future courses I look forward to continuing to watch my my work grow.