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During the first few weeks of classes I have began to learn a new understanding for the concept of lying. Thinking about this topic in such a intellectual way is very interesting to me. We have already read some very interesting, yet hard to understand, works like Harris, Bok, and Nietzsche. Harris’ outlook on lying was interesting. He said there was never a time to lie. The lie that would protect someone’s feelings in the end would be a disservice to them and if you lie to a close friend that friendship’s foundation is corrupt. I think that lying can be bad, but it is not simple enough to draw the straight line of right and wrong when it comes to lying. In Bok’s writing, we discuss how the whole truth is unattainable. Which is an interesting thought. That you are the only one who knows your whole truth and by not giving every detaIl of such it is a way of deception which is a way of lying. I think about it in terms of personal matters, if I tell a story of my time at work and don’t mention details like my coworker was late, is that considered lying? It is an interesting way to look at lies and deception. Our most recent reading was the most interesting to me, an excerpt by Nietzsche. His outlook on the morals of lying and deception were more to the point. He basically talked about how mankind is stupid and we lie to find meaning in our existence. As humans we want meaning for our existence and we lie to fill the voids of the unknown. He spoke on how we don’t have a problem with it unless it affects us negatively. That was an interesting way to look at it. Meaning a lie that doesn’t hurt anyone isn’t doing anything bad? This class has already opened up many portals of questions I have about the philosophy of lying, I look forward to this semester.

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