Blog post 3 (sick)

Recently, we have been discussing conspiracy theories. What is the difference between a theory and a conspiracy theory. People believe in things for different reasons, for conspiracy theories people can use them for explaining things that do not make sense. My group did our presentation on Flat Earthers. Flat earth was a very interesting topic, almost hysterical. Flat Earthers make up 2% of our population. That is over 6.5 million people in the US alone. There is the spearhead of the movement, his name is Mark Sargent. He started out doing podcasts and videos explaining his reasoning. The flat earth society just held its first international conference back in 2017. They believe that the north pole is in the middle and the continents surround it. Leaving antarctica as an ice wall around the edge. They picture the world looking like a planetarium, where the stars are lights in the ceiling. They say the sun is on a spinning device that goes closer and further from the land masses giving us what we call seasons. They believe we were put here on purpose for a certain reason but the reason was unknown. Mark Sargent spoke about how the first rule of power, is never knowing who truly holds the power. That is there way of explaining why they don’t know more. In one documentary I watched they went with a reporter for national geographic, where a group of debunkers chose the largest lake in California to do an experiment to prove the earth is indeed, round. Aristotle performed a similar experiment many years ago. They placed a striped flag on a boat and when the boat went out straight long enough the stripes began to disappear from the bottom, proving the earth was curving. As the flat earthers watched this experiment, they claimed it was a factor of heat. Conspiracy theories never fail to amaze me.


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