Blog post 5

In class we have started to discuss lying when it comes politicians. Everybody knows that politicians lie, it is practically in their blood. In one of our articles titled “Yes, I’d Lie to you”, talks about a concept called post-truth. Post-truth is used a lot by our current president, post-truth is used in politics to fire up the voters. Even if what they are saying does not bear any reality. They use it to speak to appeal to your emotions. This is an interesting concept that makes complete sense, and it is a smart tool to use in the public eye. Though it bothers me thinking about how many times people have been lied to. Another article talks about cognitive dissonance. That is when people have extreme discomfort of simultaneously holding two thoughts that are in conflict. People often look for information that support their ideas and views. They often shut out the information that does not comply with their opinions. It is very easy for fake media to become popular now a days. The article also talked about how groups of people are better at coming up with correct answers to reasoning tasks than individuals.   One of the fish bowl questions that really stayed on my mind was talking about how if the president inpires bad behavior. Since so many things have happened during his presidency this was a very good question. In the group we pretty much all agreed that he does. Most people are followers and when the leader of our country gaslights the nation so easily, you can not expect anything better. Many follow the lead of the president, which should be an okay thing, but when we do not have the best role model it is scary. I have really enjoyed the topics we have been discussing. This entire class has been full of “ahh” moments for myself.

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