Desensitization through gaming

War, death, sex and drugs; these topics are prevalent in most popular video games, which are usually very violent games. Games that hit on these topics are usually supposed to simulate reality and create an environment that one could defy the norms of our world. True permanent death is made null in these games and can in some cases lead to people who may not have a grip … Continue reading Desensitization through gaming

Can Video games stunt the growth of our youth?

  In the old days kids had to go outside in order to make friends, discover new ways of playing and sparking their creativity, but those days are pretty much gone. Since the creation of video games, kids have found new ways to spark their creativity and meet people from all around the world, something they couldn’t possibly do in the old times. Its a fact that video games … Continue reading Can Video games stunt the growth of our youth?

Escapism in the Gaming World

The level of Immersion that video games have achieved over the decades has reached the point when the worlds that you are thrusted into are so realistic that it seems real. Video games allow the player to enter a world that is so much different from our world that it can pull you from reality and you become more interested in this fake yet realistic world, rather … Continue reading Escapism in the Gaming World

The Mental Cost of Gaming Addiction

    Anyone who calls themselves a Gamer will say that they enjoy videos games for many reasons; the story and characters, the intuitive game-play and the community that surrounds them. Games bring a lot of entertainment and joy to people of all ages, but becoming addicted to videos games is very easy and can leave a scar on your physical health, Social life and most of … Continue reading The Mental Cost of Gaming Addiction

FPS Games can help disorders?

The exponential growth of the video game industry has given way to a multitude of statistics on the effects that video games have on the mental health of gamers. One type of video games that has becoming the staple of gaming are First-person shooters, with releases like the Call of Duty series. A study was conducted to find some connections that First-person Shooters have a positive … Continue reading FPS Games can help disorders?