Gender roles in Video games


Since the beginning of Mankind’s reign over the earth has begun, women and man had different roles to play in order to assure the survival of our species. In the 21st century, we don’t need to always have women stay home and watch  the kids while the men hunt, instead women can work and men can stay home to watch the kids. Gender roles have played their part but now it not politically correct to always hold people to what their gender is ‘supposed’ to do. Gender roles exist in mediums, music, literature and most of all video games.

The hero, the one who saves the day and defeats the evil doers, are usually men. Video games are not spared by the patriarchal world we live in, many games have the simple but over used trope about a pretty lady that has been kidnapped and its up to the big, strong, manly warrior to save her. Women are usually viewed as the sex object; the prize waiting for our hero to win at the end of the game. The video game Resident evil 4 is best case example of women being portrayed as helpless and unable to perform the simplest of task without the help of Leon Kennedy, our “male” protagonist. The female can’t even hide from the bad guys in a trash can without Leon telling to hide there. now one could make the argument that its just a component of the gameplay and not an underlying insult to women and also reinforcing the gender roles

It would be in poor taste to not state that not all video games are stuck in the traditional ” man saves women” style anymore. Women are now rising to the occasion with figures such as Samus, the galactic bounty hunter. Samus rarely ever needs a man to come in and save her from an opponent, she’s a woman who can stand on her own and can stand with the best of them. Lara Croft, Treasure hunter and explorer, she is a hardy and conditioned survivalist who has gone against man and beast( in most cases, both at the same time). Wielding her two pistols and her wit, she has travel far and wide to uncover the secrets of our world.

Gender roles were ingrained into us early in our development as a species, but as we have become more advance and complex, we in most cases no longer really on the same roles as we used to. The roles of a man and woman will continue to exist, especially in video games.








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