The social dynamic of online video games


As video games have become more and more popular and accessible, it only makes sense to analyze why these online video games are able to draw into these communities based around them. There many types of video games that have large communities around, but for the purpose of isolating on one particular type; MMORPGS.  To better references the info that shall be presented, it is better to use a study as a sources, this study is about the social dynamics of online videos with a focus on a game called Ultima Online. Ultima Online was a popular mmorpg in 1998 that generated over 100,000 active players by June 1999. Timo Baur and Castulus Kolo are the authors and researches of this study, ” First of all, we wanted to understand why people spend so many hours playing on the Internet”(Kolo and Baur), this question they wanted to answer was just the baseline for better understanding what makes this mmorpg so popular. They established early on that there are varying perspectives of players of this game, “We prefer the term “offline world” to “real world” in this respect, because the elements of observation in the other layers can hardly be disqualified as being unreal”(Kolo and Baur). The most common cop-out for people outside of this topic would most likely say that the”online” world isn’t real in any case, which the authors took measures point this out.




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