Affect of Video games in American Culture



American Society has come a long way since there was wide spread disapproval of video games to the point when playing video games has become a literal pass time for the youth of america. American culture has change very much over the last decades in how it perceives things, but certain things such as stereotypes and violence can have an adverse affect on society as a whole. Charles Piot; of Postcolonial Studies, who has studied the affect that video games has on teen american culture and Ahmed al- Rawi of Sahar University who studied the stereotypes of Iraqis( or just middle eastern people in general) portrayed in movies and video games, but i will focus on the video games.

It is well known that some of the most popular video games are loaded with violence, Charles Piot said that there are “Over 50 percent of homes in united states own a game system”(Charles piot ,so its safe to say the video games are integrated deeply into American culture. With the almost endless number of video games that we can access it is impossible that certain violent video game like the GTA series being a example could have an negative effect on the teens of America if there isn’t a filter for the graphic violence that is so “compelling”, by Piot’s words. Video games aren’t be nature bad for teens, but it can cause harm to the american culture should teens not receive proper understanding of violence.

One of the most popular games that sold millions of copies worldwide for its dramatized depiction of the on-going conflict in the middle eastern and around the world against terrorism. it is grossly apparent that a majority of Americans have a fear of anything remotely relates to terrorist, Americans have grown up this fear to the point that it could very well grow into racism and creating false stereotypes of middle eastern people. Al-Rawi describes desensitization as ” ‘a subtle, almost incidental process which may occur as a result of repeated exposure to real-life violence, as well as from exposure to media violence'”







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