video games in the education system

Getting an education is essential to being able to live in this informational world that is filled to the brim with new and exciting ways to open your mind and learn things, a quote from Aristotle relates the importance of schooling,“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” . Putting the youth into the education system is supposed to spark the genius within, but sitting in school reading long and overly informational textbooks that more or less shows the data and lessons, but rarely as any application till in the later years in schooling. I take the stance in that allowing kids to spark their inner artist can have a positive affect on the learning environment and will encourage kids to contribute back to society with beautifully open eyes. I believe that using video games that allow a young student to think creatively can open their minds and will result in children being better able to find ways to apply their lessons in the real, outside the classroom where it all counts.

One way to helping open the minds to kids in school is to find a way to apply a lesson to something they can feel proud of, like building a life-like replica of the Pyramids of Giza or the famous Forum in Rome at the peak of the Roman Empire. One platform that can easily accomplish this, is a child-friendly game called Minecraft. A program called MinecraftEdu was created for this very purpose of creating an environment that children can fully express their creative sides. José-Manuel Sáez-López one of a team of researchers that studied if allowing students to use this program to recreate various structures in history will produce a positive affect on the students. The study found that “no significant difference between the knowledge gained in the traditional expositional classroom using PowerPoint and the application of the unit with video games”, but some participants believe that  ” MinecraftEdu is an appropriate application for creating immersive activities with historical buildings and content; this approach enhances creativity, facilitates learning through discovery, is fun and provides interactive advantages using virtual learning environments”(José-Manuel Sáez-López, pg 12). Some of the teachers and parents still believe it was a waste of instruction time, but i still stand on my point that while it doesn’t affect their knowledge of what is taught but more so how their find a way that helps in the application of said knowledge.


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