The application of video games to benefit from

Video games have a lot of potential to do many things beyond just entertain us, it can opens our eyes to so many possibilities that can benefit all of us. As video games have evolved over the decades, we can see enormous popularity that has been garnered over time, why not make it more useful. Kids would enjoy being able play games like the educational version of minecraft, MinecraftEdu, something that is immersive and fun, while also learning things in school. People who suffer from stress fro everyday life drama can sit down and enjoyed simple casual game of Bejeweled Blitz to melt away that stress.

I have found various authors and their academic studies that have evidence to support that video games have many benefits that can be used to better our lives. José-Manuel Sáez-López, one of a team of researchers that studied if allowing students to use this program to recreate various structures in history will produce a positive affect on the students.The study found that “no significant difference between the knowledge gained in the traditional expositional classroom using PowerPoint and the application of the unit with video games”, but some participants believe that ” MinecraftEdu is an appropriate application for creating immersive activities with historical buildings and content; this approach enhances creativity, facilitates learning through discovery, is fun and provides interactive advantages using virtual learning environments”(José-Manuel Sáez-López, pg 12).The fact alone that many video games have historical figures and locations that could intrigue and fascinate students. I believe that video games can be effectively applied to the classroom and that it can add a new experience to school.

Everyone will have stressful days in their lives, from work a 9 to 5, to family issues and most of all financial troubles. Playing video games can help do away with that stress, but one should not play high-paced games that require a lot of focus and rapid response, instead one should play very slow paced casual games that don’t require a lot of thought. I found a study that focused on how playing casual games affects the levels of stress and others mental states such as feeling sharper, improved memory and confidence for examples. the results of the study show that adults roughly around 40 to 59 age range can better handle stress after playing casual games as well as the other criteria stated in the previous sentence.

Video games have yet to be fully utilized to the fullest extent. The number of applications is infinite, the only real limit is the end of our creativity and problem solving capabilities. Video games have only scratched the surface of what can be accomplished, as time goes on more opportunities will show themselves to us







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