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I am Matthew Hall and I am a 5th grade math and science teacher at Flat Rock Elementary School.  This will be my fourth year teaching. In my free time I like to be go hiking, camping, and go to baseball games.  I have taken many online classes now and have been able to experience some good ones and some bad one. I try to include technology and online learning resources into my class as much as possible. In this class I would like to better my knowledge on how to use online resources.

One of the first things that stood out to me was the amount of students enrolled in K12 online classes. I have not been teaching for very long and it blows my mind how fast things are changing. While reading about the TPACK framework it stuck in my mind about technology rich instruction is dependent on knowing the material and understanding technology. I agree with that statement because I have been in classes where I had some of the best teachers but when it came to them using technology there was just something missing. It almost took away from the lesson. Another piece of the reading that stuck in my head was reading about the theory of Connectivism.  This is still a little unfamiliar to me but it seems like a very interesting way for children to learn.  You see social media like blogs and vlogs all over the internet now and days. I can see this being extremely useful way to pass on information in the classroom. I can also see where this could be something that has the possibility of backfiring for some people. The last thing that I keep going back to is the second life game. Having a virtual classroom is an idea that we use to talk about would be so cool as kids. Now it is really happening and it is a funny thought for me.

I am not a big social media person. Setting it up was a piece of cake. I think this could be a very helpful tool to use for you classroom. Having a way to get a mass message out to people is always a great tool. I have always been interesting in keeping a blog. Hopefully I will get a little better at keeping up with it.

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  1. Hey Matt,
    Hope all is well at Flat Rock, all of us at the middle school miss our fifth grade colleagues.
    I too was surprised by the number of students enrolled in online classes. Have you heard the advertisement for K-12 online education? Did not know that was an option, wonder if we have any enrolled from Powhatan.

  2. Hey Matt, I teach at PES and also am interested in seeing if I can incorporate online learning with the students I work with (k and 1st graders). I think that whether an online class or a face to face class, if the teacher is not schooled in the content or materials, much will be lacking. I think online courses serve many purposes in reaching many students and allowing them to attain goals in an alternative way.

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