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I think for this final project I was able to accomplish a lot more than I expected. I think I got everything just about the way I wanted it. The introduction is more for a chance for the students to get to practice writing a short blog. This is meant to be a hybrid class so some of the places that seem to be missing a little will be going on in class. I learned that developing an online module is a lot easier than I thought I would be. When you have a used friendly starting point like schoology it makes it that much easier. I also learned some of the do’s and don’ts of online classes. I think my biggest question on feedback would be does this seem age appropriate? What other suggestions do you have one adding materials or taking away? When it comes to evaluating the project I think I would look for is it a complete lesson, does it flow, is it user friendly, age appropriateness, deeper learning, and differentiated material.  If I was to evaluate myself I would say for the most part I think I did a fairly well job hitting the items listed above. Of course I am sure someone who is more experienced will have a better eye to catch things. But, I would say for the first time creating an online class. If I was putting a grade to it I would say a high B or low A.

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  1. I thought your project was great and very age appropriate. The choice of interactive web sites made it very interesting. I like how the city project has students apply what they have learned. It answers that question, “how am I going to use this?” Check out this easy to use website: tinkercad. It would give the students the ability to make the city project 3D!

  2. You list your learning outcomes as :

    students will be able to identify types or angles (right, acute, obtuse, and straight) and be able to use a protractor to get a measurement of the angle.

    Your module outline is:

    1. Introduction
    2. Lesson 1
    3. Lesson 2
    4. Lesson 3
    5. Project

    My feedback:

    To start, your module is laid out really cleanly. It looks organized and is easy to see at a glance what students will be doing. You may want to consider naming the lessons in terms of what they teach. That would provide learners an instant look at what this module is about.

    Do you need an introduction discussion? Since this i hybrid students will already know each other.Before I clicked on “introduction” I thought this was going to be an introduction to the module, which might be a good idea. Briefly describe your learning outcomes and activities to students.

    Lessons – You list your objectives and pretty much teh lesson activities in a word doc. First. i thought that word doc would only be the objectives since that is what i is named. I am not sure I would list everything in a word doc. You can’t hyperlink inside that doc, and I think that could be really useful. I would instead list the activities in the lesson 1 folder. Maybe each activity is its own folder with everything you need. That way you can link to materials when you describe them ,so like 1. Khan academy, a. watch the videos on types ….(and you link the word videos to the video)

    When prompting k-12 students for discussion, be really specific. I think they will have a hard time articulating “what they learned”, but may be able to describe how they could use their knowledge of angles in the real world, or while building a fort, or where they se them in their house, or something. Also why are you asking what is the easiest part of the lesson (you may have reason, and you should, I just cn’t figure it out right now) Be very intentional with prompts.

    You may also want to be more specific than “Here you will discuss what you thought of creating a quick lesson in educreations.”

    Great start – Your organization is really clear. I would utilize the affordances of schoology more, use less word docs so you can hyperlink stuff, and be more intentional about your discussion prompts. Do they help students achieve the learning objectives?

    Happy holidays!

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