Why Study Abroad

Part 1: I have always wanted to study abroad. My mom studied in London when she was in college and she loved it. I really want to study in Dubai, because it is a beautiful city and I want to learn more about the culture. I don’t speak any Arabic, so the biggest inhibitor for me studying there is the language barrier. To face this challenge, I plan on renting a Rosetta Stone program from the library to learn basic conversational Arabic.

Part 2: I was surprised and disappointed to learn from the articles how few college students study abroad. They think that studying abroad is a expense, not an investment. I think studying abroad is an investment in the future, because it can open doors for job opportunities down the road. I really liked the idea of having an internship abroad. I had never heard of that opportunity before. After listening to Michelle Obama’s speech, I am starting to think about the possibility of studying in China. The idea never occurred[ to me before, but since there are so many government scholarships for American students studying in China.