General vs. Soldier

To me, times of war are when it becomes very clear who is an owner and who is a laborer. There are those who get to kick back, make a couple of bucks and watch, while those tiny little men and women run around killing each other. In the article from The Nation about who makes profit off of war it clearly shows the dynamic that Marx called out so long ago. The article talks about how retired generals are going on cable networks, such as Fox (shocker), to promote military strategies. The element the cable networks are missing though is that these retired generals are not making unbiased suggestions here, but are rather deeply invested since each one has some sort of military contract and stocks with different companies that will benefit off of their suggestions. In all honest, this kind of makes me sick. It is disturbing to me how right Marx had it. The owners, these generals, will do whatever they can such as kill 10,000 American soldiers, just so he can walk away with a cool check. To me, and I think Marx would agree with me, these soldiers and even the American people are just pawns for people like these generals to do with as they please. If only everyone in the ‘lower ranks’ was more aware of how severe things are and fight back against this corrupt society. I am sure Marx would sing if that happened.




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