Nugget Assignment #4: Computer Lib/Dream Machine

“But today, at this moment, we can and must design the media, design the molecules of our new water, and I believe the details of this design matter very deeply. They will be with us for a very long time, perhaps as long as man has left; perhaps if they are as good as they can be, man may even buy more time—or the open-ended future most suppose remains.
So in these pages I hope to orient you somewhat to various of the proposed dreams. This is meant also to record the efforts of a few Brewster McClouds, each tinkering toward some new flight of fancy in his own sensoarium.
But bear in mind that hard-edged fantasy is the corner of tomorrow. The great American dream often becomes the great American novelty. After which it’s a choice of style, size and financing plan.
The most exciting things here are those that involve
computers: notably, because computers will be embraced in
every presentational medium and thoughtful medium very

This passage shows the reasons why Nelson believes that everyone should try to understand computers. In this part the Dream Machine he takes a different approach in his writing. The passages had more pictures in them and to me made it more confusing to read. With all the pictures which seemed to be scattered throughout this part I lost found myself losing track of what he was saying. Within this passage he talks about how we are must design the media for tomorrow. Considering that this was written in 1974 I doubt he expected media to grow to this size and the use of computers. The media of today was shaped through the use of computers and grown and used in almost everything we do. He also uses Engelbart’s article to discuss ways we can change our thinking to better use and understand computers.

My Research Strategy

Copy and Paste this into your own blog and fill in the answers. Please title this blog post “My Research Strategy.”

1. What is your research question? This should be revised since your inquiry proposal and should begin with HOW or WHY or maybe WHAT?  Be as specific as you can. Underline the key concepts (the most important words or phrases).

How does the difference in male and female armor create gender stereotypes within role playing video games where the player changes and chooses his or her armor?

2.   List the key concepts you underlined in #1. After each key concept, put a colon and write the  related words or synonyms. Don’t forget to use OR for related words and concepts.

For example:
This is a weak topic because it’s so common and there’s little new to say about it, BUT since it was used in the video, I use it here for your convenience. YOUR topics are, of course, WAY better!

Euthanasia: euthenize OR mercy killing OR Assisted Suicide

Ethical: ethics OR morals OR conduct

Write your own answers here:

Gender: Sex

Armor: Clothes OR Garments OR Gear

Role Playing Video Game: RPG

Player: User OR Gamer

3. Take a look at the concepts and related phrases you listed in Number 2. In the space below, use the asterisk (*) to truncate search terms as appropriate.










Inquiry Project Proposal

Gender Clothing Differences:

The fact that the clothing of the characters differs at all should be a cause for concern. With no real reason to do this the industry helps to create stereotypes of the male and female characters, where the females are wear skimpy armor while the males wear full body armor. These differences lead to other stereotypes where the females bodies are all well proportioned/perfect as well as the males. These stereotypes lead to the industry bordering on sexist and most gamers simply accept it without a care.

Gaming’s new focus:

These scenes are from a recently released game known as Conception 2: Children of Seven Stars. While the game is about defeating monsters with your party the over the top transformations of the female heroines helps to build up some of the stereotypical images that games are beginning to be known for. The females either have extremely well developed bodies or underdeveloped bodies there is no middle ground, no “normal” character. These types of transformation are becoming more abundant in the role playing game genre and creating many stereotypes that are not necessary. Not only that but the clothing difference between the male and the females is also here as well.

Industry Growth:

With the growth of the gaming industry its no wonder we see so many different types of games out there. Almost everyone plays games in a way or another with so much available  technology. With the increase in players we need to make sure that we don’t instill within them these stereotypical body images.

My Research Question:

For these reasons I want to look at: How does the difference in male and female armor create gender stereotypes within video games? For here I can focus on the transformations of characters in their armor as well as armor from a variety of games, but I will focus on games in the Role Playing Games(RPG) genre.


Nugget Assignment #3: Augmenting Human Intellect

Although the size of the step a human being can take in comprehension, innovation, or execution is small in comparison to the over-all size of the step needed to solve a complex problem, human beings nevertheless do solve complex problems. It is the augmentation means that serve to break down a large problem in such a way that the human being can walk through it with his little steps, and it is the structure or organization of these little steps or actions that we discuss as process hierarchies.

Every process of thought or action is made up of sub-processes. Let us consider such examples as making a pencil stroke, writing a letter of the alphabet, or making a plan. Quite a few discrete muscle movements are organized into the making of a pencil stroke; similarly, making particular pencil strokes and making a plan for a letter are complex processes in themselves that become sub-processes to the over-all writing of an alphabetic character.

Although every sub-process is a process in its own right, in that it consists of further sub-processes, there seems to be no point here in looking for the ultimate bottom of the process-hierarchical structure. There seems to be no way of telling whether or not the apparent bottoms (processes that cannot be further subdivided) exist in the physical world or in the limitations of human understanding.

When I was reading this article it made me go back to the other articles we read and helped to connect all of them together. This article in particular made references to both other articles by Licklider and Bush with an extensive review of Bush’s article. This passage from Engelbart seems to me to make humans try to think more like a computer. The breaking down of problems into smaller more manageable problems is exactly how computers nowadays work. This article is different than Licklider’s proposals by saying that instead of changing the computers to think like man, we should instead change the way man thinks and make man think more like computers. Engelbart puts a lot of emphasis on the breakdown of problems and takes a mechanical and methodological approach to solving problems and that by doing this augmentation that humans will be the ones to benefit. This approach to problem solving is the way that I, as an engineering student, am being taught and can say that this is the way I tend to think myself.  That being said I don’t think that this way of thinking is always ideal, I find myself being unable to be as creative in my solutions when I think this way. There needs to be a balance of thought, being able to think like how Engelbart proposes while still being able to attack a problem without having to break it down like a computer.

Progress Report/Research Reflection

As the week comes to a close and I look back at the research I’ve found I’m more sure that my topic will have something to do with video games. Now I’m so sure about whether or not I will do something on a specific game, maybe something about video games in general, or maybe I will do something on gender in video games like I mentioned in a previous post

With all the talk of technological growth going around like in Brooke’s blog post on the man-computer symbiosis, another topic comes to mind where I could do something on where video games have come from to where they are now in terms of growth. While looking at what other classmates are researching Braxtondn’s blog post for the reflective concept made me thing about myself and why I would choose a topic on video games. In short I enjoy playing games and would like to know if maybe there’s another aspect of gaming that I could find and make me enjoy playing them more.

While doing the assignments for the week and reading other people’s posts on the same readings. It was a cool to see how many people took it in so many different directions. Like Maryam’s blog post on the interest inventory assignment and how we all found different things to say about the same starting word. As next week starts I know I need to decide on a more narrow topic as soon as possible to keep up with everyone else.

Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2

From doing the Concept Experience assignment i can see what Licklider meant when he was talking about where technology needed to go. From seeing how old the article was to what kinds of technology we know have his concepts now seem within reach or they have been reached already. The concept of trie memory is much like the file storage system we have on our computers today. This link between the files is also like the concept experience assignment where we used links to get from one webpage to another. This is why to illustrate the assignment i went with a tree diagram to show the branching off of ideas and webpages and how they can relate to each other.


Concept Experience #2: Choose your own Internet adventure



When deciding on what topic to select i knew going in that i would want to do something involving video games. So i decided to start with a game company that i knew pretty well and had played their games before.


Megami Tensei 


From the company site i went into a set of games by them which contains a number of game series. This is their most popular franchise.




From the set of games i went to a more specific game series by them which contains soon to be 5 games. The series has been known for its mix of social life as well combating demons.


Conception 2


Considering that no game in the series above has come out recently i took a look at what game was most recently made by the company atlus. From there i found this game which had some mixed reviews.


Role Playing Video games


So i decided to then look at the game genre itself. Now role playing games is a large genre with many smaller genres in it so i decided to get more specific.


Action Role Playing 


So when trying to get more specific i decided to try this link to action role playing which included the game series above and some others i wanted to check out.


Final Fantasy XIII


The action role playing made me think of the well known game series final fantasy and i wanted to get more information on one of its newer releases. The game was known for having a strong female protagonist who was unlike other female protagonists coming out around this time.




With such strong emphasis on the protagonist in the Final Fantasy game it made me look up what it actually means to be a protagonist and nothing in here really shocked me like i was hoping for.




Well no good story has a protagonist without an antagonist to really drive home the story so i decided to look up antagonist as well.


Massively Multiplay Online Role-Playing Games(MMORPG)


Lastly i decided to look up another genre of game inside the of the role playing games. This genre has really been growing extremely fast over the years and is probably one of the most popular genres in gaming.


Blog post 9: Nugget #2 Revision

The basic dissimilarity between human languages and computer languages may be the most serious obstacle to true symbiosis. It is reassuring, however, to note what great strides have already been made, through interpretive programs and particularly through assembly or compiling programs such as FORTRAN, to adapt computers to human language forms. The “Information Processing Language” of Shaw, Newell, Simon, and Ellis [24] represents another line of rapprochement. And, in ALGOL and related systems, men are proving their flexibility by adopting standard formulas of representation and expression that are readily translatable into machine language.”

This passage really shows just how far our technology has come in only 50 years. FORTRAN as a programming language was ground breaking but nowadays when we talk about FORTRAN in class we see it as an “ancient” programming language. The rate of growth in our computer technology is astounding to say the least, the languages we come from to the programming languages we have now, the difference is clear as day. Now FORTRAN was a language where you had to use punch cards in order to produce your code. 

The cards looked like the one above and would be read by a machine and processed. Now programs in FORTRAN would be on multiple cards and had to be arranged in a specific order otherwise it wouldn’t work. Nowadays we work with languages that can be type on a computer using actually words that can be read and resemble words in our language which helps to lower this language barrier from computer to man. While we may be able to teach our computers our language teaching it how to think like a human is still another challenge which is talked about in the SoundingBoard blog.

With the growth of technology we have almost achieved one of the requirements that Licklider talked about “Man-computer symbiosis”. The rate at which its growing as described in Brooke’s blog just goes to show how fast we can progress our technology. While its still hard to read and understand what is written without teaching its still a lot better then where we were before. As we come close to  a symbiotic relationship like one described in abdulabdo’s blog we may continue to grow and develop the relationship between man and machine. While it may be easy to see this relationship grow too big or too fast like one described in Maryam’s blog i believe that the benefits would far out weigh the negative effects.

Blog post 8:Reflective Writing Prompt

Gender-Video games

When i think of video games this topic of gender never really came to mind at first. As I played games I would see people talk about the violence of the game but they never really talked about how the gender roles of the characters. Nowadays it seems that when people make a game and need to make a poster or something to put up on their website it seems to follow the same thing every time. The women are portrayed to be very busty with little clothing while the men tend to look heroic with full armor and big muscles. Also when creating these pictures they tend to want to use a female more often then a male to catch the eyes of their target audience. If i were to explore this topic i would look into what differences and what emphasis they put on characters of different genders as well as how gamers and non-gamers respond to these pictures. I would ask why the developers would not try to break the mold and create something new to try to get publicity for their games.


Trend- memes

Memes are a constantly growing trend which anyone on the internet can create and post. These memes can include anything from pictures to gifs and anything in between. With their rapid growth and popularity its not wonder that people have taken such a liking to them. With the combination of pictures and words they can express emotion better then using words alone. As such I would like to find out if they can express emotions clearer then just using words when talking with someone on the internet. I would ask questions such as what memes people tend to prefer and if any meme offends them or a group of people and why they feel that way. I would want to know if people could understand these memes and not need to know the language of the person who posted it and still be able to understand what they meant.

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