Blog post #1: How does it feel when you think?

When I think about a problem I tend to have a very analytical approach to solving it. I break down the problem into smaller pieces so that I may build up to the overall solution. While this is what I tend to do other times it seems like my thoughts come from no where relevant to what I was thinking about before. These thoughts are always “from left-field” as my mother would say. While these thoughts are random and hold little meaning or relevance I find them calming as I go on thinking about whatever problem I may be trying to figure out.   When I think the sensations I feel tend to be ones of uncertainty or a sense of uneasiness. This stems from me always questioning myself so that I can be sure of my thoughts and my future actions. By questioning myself I can be sure that I am making the best decision based off my thoughts. As for how my thought process looks I am sure it would look something like this-

The reason for this is because no matter what I may be thinking about two things are always true. First is that the thought process is hard to follow because there’s a lot of twists and turns in it. Second My dog is always on my mind no matter what I may be thinking about.


One thought on “Blog post #1: How does it feel when you think?”

  1. Hey Alexander,
    You are a person who shares my values. I, too, am fairly sure that whenever I am thinking, I am always thinking about my dog. Yours is adorable, by the way! I enjoyed reading your post about how you feel when you think.

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