Blog Post 7: Progress Report/Reflective Writing Creating an interesting inventory

From me

Gender-Video games-How are video games portrayed online, do they favor female characters over males when trying to make an image for their game?

Trends-Memes- Do memes express our feelings more accurately online then our words?

Habits-Family- How has social media changed the way families members interact with one another?

Fears-Helplessness- Can we use social media to empower people to not feel helpless?

Technology-Internet- How has the growth of the Internet led to the growth of social media?

Controversies-politics- How has social media changed the way we do politics in our country?

Controversies- protest- Has social media given people more freedom to protest and shout out their beliefs?

Controversies-Piracy- Has social media led to a raise in piracy?

Technology- Companies- How do companies manage their image when using social media?

Fears- Secrets- With growing social media will we ever be able to keep secrets from people?

From others

Trends- Gaming- How has the gaming industry dealt with the growing games on social media sites?

Gender-Hillary Clinton- Has Mrs.Clinton been able to maintain her image in social media?

Trends-World Cup- How has the world cup impacted Brazil’s social media image?

Places-VCU- How does VCU differentiate itself from other colleges in social media?

Fears-Traveling- Could social media be used to help people get over their fears of traveling by using other people’s good experiences?

Trends -Tattoos- Has social media with the pictures led to a raise in tattoos?

Places – Theme Parks – How do theme parks stand out when using social media?

hobbies-hiking -has social media cut down on incidents like hiking where you can easily get lost?

Interests-music- What kind techniques do people use to promote music on social media?

Interests-football- What kind of impact has social media had on football and its players?


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