Week 6 blog post: SNA project

For my project, I would like to look at my personal relationships with people I know, such as people on Facebook and people I work with and see if any have had any problems with addiction. If they have, I would ask what kind and them ask them if they can name 5 other people that they know who have also had any addiction problems.

My goal is to see if our relationships with others are as closely related as we think they are. It would make sense that we spend a lot of our time with individuals who are similar to us. “If A and B are connected, there is a connection between B and C, it is likely there is a connection between B and C.”(Kadushin, 2012)

I would keep all names confidential and only ask about drugs and alcohol. In the article that I posted to hypothesis.is they also mentioned gambling, but my goal is just to focus on alcohol and drugs.

While I personally can’t think of any close friends that I have who have struggled with abuse, I am going to reach out to 10 people on Facebook that I know and ask them. I will tell them I am in a class and I am working on a project and ask if they would mind asking questions about substance abuse. While they are not going to be close friends, they are people I know.

If I can have 10 people I ask and if they can answer yes to knowing 5 other people I would have a small network of 50 people. If they cannot answer yes to knowing 5 other people, I would move onto the next person on my friend list and ask them the same question until I have found 10 people from Facebook who also know 5 other people. I would like to use a survey method to gather the data by just asking the basic questions of whether they have struggled of any substance abuse problems, if they answer no I would move onto the next person. If they answer yes I would ask if they know 5 other people who have also struggled with substance abuse problems.

I wanted to include this picture because it shows substance use among those with authoritative parents, which doesn’t relate to what I want to look at, but what I found was interesting was that there was a correlation between individuals and their friends who had authoritative parents. I think this relates to the idea that our friends have a lot of influence on us and our behaviors. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/1377497

I would use the edges as people and my nodes would be the connections between them. I want to see the similarities between alcohol abuse and drug abuse and which one individuals have struggled with more, and if the 5 people they know struggled with the same thing.

Kadushin, C. (2012). Understanding social networks: theories concepts and findings. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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