Happy Meals

Family dinners at my house are consistently amusing in some way. When I was growing up it was typical for my brother and I to pick at one another in some type of way whether subtle or not so subtle. Alternatively there are times when  something will trigger us whether it is something unintentionally funny or just the awkwardness in itself that will cause us to laugh uncontrollably- which therefore turns the family dinner in to a beaming success!

The main issues we face or would face is my brother serving himself an inconsiderate amount of food. The last two years of high school my brother went to boarding school so dinner time calmed down a little bit in stress and ‘chaos’. I generally cook dinner for myself seeing as my diet is not completely symbiotical with that of my family’s.

My mother and I gave up read meat about 3 or 4 years ago but within the past two years I have given up meat completely. My dad’s understanding of a satisfying dinner meal is that of meat and 2 or 3 sides(similar to that of lizard’s thicket) I am working towards establishing an altered, compromise, of this ideology. I am capable of getting very worked up when it comes to my parents diet especially my dad’s (heart attacks).

2 thoughts on “Happy Meals

  1. Interesting that the conflict is about diet. Did you read the article? Can you intersect some of what the article says with your dinner experiences? It seems you are in some way contradicting the kinds of experiences the article discusses?

  2. Wow! Yes, I would be concerned about my dad’s diet too! I think a small portion of meat is fine with two sides of vegetables or something along those lines. My parents have always done that for us. But, like your dad, my dad has a little trouble with it for some reason. However, I don’t think it’s what I see on his plate at the table, I believe it’s what’s on his plate at work and his midnight eating. All unhealthy habits!! So maybe check there!

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