“You Will Eat All of That!”

This article made me reflect upon my experiences growing up and   being exposed to different foods and how my parents reacted when I wasn’t ‘feeling’ a particular dish. They were fine with it- my parents have always believed that as a human being I will know when to eat/ when I am hungry, thus worrying that I will starve is, to some degree- pointless.

     An interesting component of the article was the mentioning of how parents use ‘wastefulness’ to guilt their children in to eating something (215). It doesn’t stop there- the research included the three subcategories within the overarching category of ‘wastefulness’. These categories were: effort wastefulness, financial wastefulness, food wastefulness and emotional guilt. The article also states that a mandatory factor in any ‘forced consumption episode’ is the collision of wills “between the forcer and forcee.”

That then redirects my focus to the possible association of ‘power struggle’ to forced food consumption. Meaning at the root of it all there is much more to the situation then is brought to the surface…


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