Carl Kleiner: Pinterest: art & food

Today, I was scrolling through my pinterest feed and I came across some fascinating images. Soon after clicking on one picture I was lead to another and it was soon established that this particular artist, Carl Kleiner, had created a unique composition/ collection of ‘food art’.

BLEND – COMPOSITION IN YELLOW / collaboration w. EVELINA KLEINER / Seed-spiced cheese, Queso, ”Cheddar style”, Emental mini meule, Västgöta kloster, Cheddar


This work was a collaborative effort, which is now causing me to be inspired to work with another person on a piece…. food photography, when done well, is actually rather awesome (in my opinion).

Just for the purpose of juxtaposition- here are some other examples of work he has done:

(more food!) 🙂

Carl Kleiner—BLEND – Paraphrase of SOLOMON LEWITT / Collaboration w. EVELINA KLEINER / Instant coffee powder, Instant espresso coffee powder, French roast

2 thoughts on “Carl Kleiner: Pinterest: art & food

  1. We could totally do some food inspired art in class — then take photos of the “art” and post on social media and in your BLOGS.
    What kinds of foods would make for good food art? We could all bring 3 – 4 food items. All the photographers could bring their cameras (and our iphones)!
    Let me know if you want to make this happen. : 0

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