Ram Pantry: morning shift: Wassssgoood

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I took this picture šŸ˜‰

Today I went to the ram pantry to volunteer with my group. I went upstairs to the pantry for a second and when I turned around to go back downstairs to the kitchen I passed a girl that I know, however do not remember her nameā€¦. I said hey instantly (in a calm tone) and by her expression I assume she felt slightly embarrassed? I did my best to get across the fact that I was not even processing her being there as anything more then a lovely surprise! Hopefully she survived.

When I got downstairs to the cooking area (kitchen) Ā Elizabeth and Tori were very hard at work making sweet potato fries. I was super amped to dive right in to the action seeing as I love sweet potatoes. Elizabeth said the sweet potatoes were sorta hard to cut but that was about it as far as ‘annoyances’ go.

Tori came up with a fun idea of ‘shaking and baking’ also known as ‘shake and bake’ which meant we would put sugar into a bag and then put the fries in with it and then ‘shake’ the bag in an enthused and vivacious way. She did the task well!

Elizabeth said that I should put the apron on since ‘i am cooking’ (i felt very special) and so I did which then naturally meant well then I should be the one to take the fries out of the ovenā€¦ a simple task yet I created a little trouble when the excess sugar/oil mixture dripped off of the pan as I was taking it out. This little ‘drippage’ thus caused a frantic scare of whether or not the smoke alarm was going to set off. Turns out the fries in the end didn’t turn out the way we had initially hoped they would; a little too soggy not enough ‘crisp’. It’s okay at least we know now!

In continuance with the fire alarm scare, Luckily, Ā our group was on it and immediately opened all windows and cracked open the door. Go team!


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