::Food Art::


On Thursday, everyone in the class brought in various ‘food related’ items to photograph. I brought in a lemon, sweet potato, spoon, sunflower seeds, basket and plastic salad tongs. I thought my selection was absurd however my classmates thought it was pretty neat which made me feel better about myself (ha).

Unfortunately, my memory card is and was missing the day of the shoot so I was forced to use my phone’s camera. It could have been a lot worse, i know, but I would have preferred to use my camera :/

Looking around the room I saw a pomegranate and cupcakes. Looking back I am instantly coming up with cupcake + pomegranate formulations in my mind that perhaps will inspire future art projects….

Everyone appeared to be having a good time. The environment was light and cheerful. For me, personally, the environment is crucial when making art. So A++ too us!

I have other photos that I think I would like to edit and post, but these are the ones that I have so far. I am happy to know that food art is as fun as it sounds.


2 thoughts on “::Food Art::

  1. I LOVE the one photo you posted, but where are the others???
    The pomegranate and the cupcakes were MY contributions (as were most of the items), so you were free to use any of those items in your photo shoot. I guess getting to class late, meant you missed my sharing of items (cloves and corinder seeds, pomegranate and peppers, unripe tomatoes, pistachios, basil, sage, — sooo many options).

  2. I loved playing with the cupcakes too…wish we could’ve ate some of the food after making an art piece lol. But I agree on your opinion of the environment of producing good artwork. It definitely helps the flow of creativity!

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