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The Virtual Labs that I am using are “sort of” set up like case studies. There is a “mystery” to be solved using forensic chemistry techniques. The interactive nature of the “case” will help bring the science to life. Using technology in this way will help students complete labs that they would not otherwise be able to do in a face to face setting. Also in the virtual labs, students will be using problem –solving techniques. It says that, “Learning-by-doing is generally considered the most effective way to learn” and this pedagogy will be applied to multiple forensic chemistry techniques they will be learning throughout the module.  Students will be creating a ThingLink project as a culminating activity.

I do not think I will use blogging for this learning module. Although I do like the concept of blogs as a way for students to reflect on learning experiences, I do not think that using a blog will enhance learning for this particular module. Because the module is relatively short, and at the end of the year, I feel that having the students set-up blogs to use for just a couple of weeks would be using technology just to say that I did rather than using it for a specific learning need.

Social media, e-portfolios, and icebreakers are probably things that I would use if for a long-term online course but for this module I do not see them as being beneficial to the understanding of the content. Some of the other ideas sound interesting but I do not have time to fit anything else into this lesson. I am already trying to cut back because I have become totally overloaded with ideas! I guess that’s a good thing but it is making it hard to decide what to include and what to save for another time!

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