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After reading through the articles, I’ve become a bit pessimistic about the idea of MOOCs.  When I first heard of MOOCs (at the beginning of this course) I was very intrigued by the idea.  Cost effective for both students and schools sounds pretty good, right?  Also, the opportunity to interact with students and field experts from around the world sounded very appealing.  However find the statistics mentioned in the articles – i.e. only 4% of students actually completing the course! – sounds pretty grim.  There must be a huge element missing to have such a low level of completion.  Obviously, the technology is there.  Do students feel as though the content is weak?  Or is the social interaction lacking?  I feel like MOOCs must require a super high level of self-regulated learning as the learner autonomy is heightened in this format.  I personally think that the low completion levels at the college level paint a pretty grim picture for how they would work at the high-school level.

I can’t really seem my module fitting into a MOOC format.  In part, due to the concerns I have with high-schoolers and this format.  I do not think my students have the SRL techniques required for this type of setting.  I feel that many of them would not participate in the activities if there was not requirement for them to do so.

Lastly, I have to point out that I found myself pretty disturbed by the idea that most of the interaction comes from peer-response with limited instructor interaction.  I understand that with 10,000+ students, there is NO WAY for an instructor to respond to each and every post but it seems that the validity of the learning is diminished.  I don’t know why, but as I was reading that part of the article, I kept thinking of the disturbing political interactions on my Facebook feed throughout the election.  When there are 10,000+ people posting their beliefs about a topic, you are pretty certain there is some false information posted in there.  I just kept imagining reading a discussion board where thousands of people are posting what THEY THINK is correct and wasting my time getting flooded with erroneous information.



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