I do not think I am going to get as far as I had hoped I would on my project.  I want to really take the time to do things completely and correctly and because I do not plan to use my module until the end of the school year, I feel it best to not rush to get things added just for the sake of getting them added.  My goal is to finalize and fine-tune lessons 1-3 in my module.  I would like to have some materials added for lessons 4-7 but I do not realistically think that I can get them exactly as I would like them before the end of the course.  I have been finding it a little difficult to spend much time working on my module throughout the week as I have been struggling to even find time to get the readings and blog posts completed!  It is a super busy time and this class has required a bit more work than what I expected. I definitely plan to use this module at the end of the school year though, so I will work on them as the year progresses to have it ready to go after SOL testing.

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