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Well…that’s it…for now. I have completed three lessons in my module and I feel pretty accomplished. Although I did not finish all seven lessons, I put a lot of effort into the first three and I am pleased with my progress. The other four lessons have been outlined and I have a pretty good idea of the materials I want to use but they have not yet been added. I am not planning to do this module until the end of the school year so I will have time to figure those out before using the module.

In addition to just running out of time, I chose to stop where I did because I am a little concerned about my time-frame. As far as feedback, based on the three lessons I have completed, do you think there will be time for everything else? I will have about 2 weeks to implement the module…and it will be during SOL testing. I am thinking I may need to cut out a lesson or two to shorten the module. Also, is the module easy to follow? Are my directions clear or are there areas that may cause confusion?

I have learned so much while completing this module. I have done a lot of things on Schoology before but never to this extent and never with this purpose. I have carefully chosen activities to match my desired learning outcomes and I have tried to keep the “presences” in mind as much as possible while creating my module. I am still working on how to best create interaction between students during the module but I am proud of myself for even thinking about it because before this class that hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I am extremely excited to use my module at the end of this year. I know that I will learn a lot from seeing it implemented. I’m sure there will be some things that work really well and some things that don’t and I’m excited to use those experiences to create more modules in the future. As far as evaluating the module, please look at the content and flow of the first three lessons and the outline for the remaining lessons. I feel that I have used the information learned in this class to create three solid lessons.  I look forward to your feedback!

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  1. The module is very clean looking. Each lesson seems uniform, has a descriptive title and a brief outline of what students will do. Just by looking at the main page you get a clear understanding of what will happen.

    In lesson one, could you just link directly to the quiz inside of the “Assignment 1 – Lets get started!” folder. I think that would make navigation easier. It seems weird to have to click next. Ideally the inside of the lesson 1 folder should look as clean as the main folder. I have the same thoughts for assignment 2 and the intro quiz discussion board. I think you can combine the narrative description of the activity in the activity.

    You do a great job with the discussion and reply prompt, your level of detail is appropriate, and should generate good conversations.

    Lesson 1 is really good. Varied activities. You may need to provide more instruction on using and saving wordle unless students have done this before.

    Lesson 2 looks really good too. Again, try to hyperlink text within your narrative descriptions so you can have fewer top level folders.

    Lesson 3 looks great as well.

    The first three lessons should take that long, so it is hard to say if the rest would fit in during the two week period. You have created some activities that will allow students to engage with each other. Your discussion prompts are pretty good. Since this is a hybrid module, have you considered what will happen during the f2f time? If you wanted to generate more collaborative work you could pair up students to combine heir research efforts and collaboratively report out on a wiki or another shared platform.

    Great job. let me know how it goes when you implement it.

    Happy Holidays!

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