VR – McQuiddy

“50 minutes, totally worth it”  <—– YESSSSS!

That video was fascinating!  I can’t decide if the teacher superpowers were creepy or cool, but overall I am just totally amazed by the whole thing.  The teacher gaze part was very interesting but I do see how that can backfire once students realize it is faked.  I was also intrigued by the idea of using student body language to determine their understanding of content.  It just seems so crazy!  I am a little unsure of this new world in the classroom.  I can definitely see some benefits but I am a little concerned about the social and educational infrastructure like that one person asked about during the Q & A.   Also the “bad” that can come from VR worlds as well.  I am pretty mind-blown after watching that video.  Are the new generations of teachers going to use VR as naturally as we use white boards?

I can definitely see the benefits of VR in my Earth Science classes.  We talk about so much stuff that would be TOTALLY cool to experience first hand using VR.   I can also see some benefits in chemistry classes using VR for laboratory activities.  I feel like I would need 1349870 planning periods per day instead of just one in order to implement this stuff.  I am clueless.  They should have VR content specialists that come around to schools and do lessons with us….


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