Megan’s Intro

Hey, everybody.


Here’s my personal website as well.



-Megan Ratliff

-PhD Media, Art, and Text

-From all over, passport says “California”

-Interested in visual anthropology and photographic processes in relation to vernacular photography. As well as the trajectory of digitally-born personal photographs.

-Coding background includes; 1.) Survival HTML (for editing personal website) 2.)Forgotten coding classes I took while an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon a decade ago.

-Hoping to sharpen my quantitative research skills and better understand the intersection of data and social practices (in relation to vernacular photography).

-One interesting fact… My friend and I visited Mongolia for winter vacation and on the first night it was so cold I woke up screaming.

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  1. Megan,
    Thanks for sharing your introductory post. First, very cool video style for an introduction, I can see the artistic side reflected already, and photography is a very cool field of study. I think your area of research is very interesting, I have often thought of the shift of traditional photography to digital and the the various considerations that must present for photographers, especially for those that enjoy both styles. With your coding experience I am sure that you will be fine with the course requirements and I am sure the current knowledge you have will make the learning curve for Anaconda less. So after you woke up screaming in Mongolia, then what…….??????, that was a cliffhanger you left us with. Thanks again for sharing, I am looking forward to working with you in this course.


    • Hey Benjamin,

      My research also deals with the transition from analog to digital photography. There’s a lot of potential research to be done in that area. The mishandling of digital data on social media platforms is also really fascinating; like MySpace ‘accidentally’ deleting a majority of its user’s content and Flickr reneging on their free unlimited storage.

      Mongolia. After I woke up (screaming) I realized the fire heating our ger went out and added more coal to the stove . Went back to bed and woke up later to a farm cat, who’d crept in through an opening in the roof, purring loudly. (will add picture of said cat to post)

      I look forward to working with you as well!


  2. Hi Megan,

    First of all —-WOW! I loved this format that you use to introduce yourself. I can see how your interests come through in your work. Welcome to the course. I am looking forward to getting your anthropological input on the course content. The mishandling of digital data, particularly, visual is so important. I would be interested to hear your takes on issues such as deep fakes in both still and video footage. Lots of that going around these days. Again, welcome!


  3. Megan,
    Thanks for the pic of the cat- doesn’t seem to bothered by the whole episode…… I am in your Group 2 for our first group assignment. I have already put a Google doc. in the Group 2 folder, I was thinking we could come up with 5 problems and questions and then narrow it down to 3. I included my email so that we could comment on the form but also communicate via email. I am looking forward to working with you on this assignment. Thanks again for your video intro.


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