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23 Apr , 2015  

1. Ice-breakers

Scary story #1 from today’s NYTimes:

Drone, Possibly Radioactive, Is Found at Office of Japan’s Prime Minister

Scary story #2 from today’s NYTimes:

Airmail via Drones Is Vexing for Prisons

Who knew?

An organization called No Fly Zone has introduced a website where individuals, business owners and others who do not want drones overhead can enter their addresses into a database. Those addresses will be provided to drone manufacturers who have agreed to program their devices not to fly over those locations.

Drone video of University of Richmond, via Facebook

After hours of flying drones and editing footage, we present the University of Richmond campus from a 500 ft. perspective. Student contributors: Drone Pilot – Killian McGiboney, Video Producers – Chris Miller & Quinn Hynes, Music Artist – Nick Yeutter

Posted by Forum Magazine on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2. What Matt Waite of Nebraska’s Drone Journalism Lab plans to tell the FAA

3. What we plan to tell the FAA (our paper)

4. Your final exam — start by 9:55 a.m. (at least 50 minutes)

Choose one of the two questions below. Write an answer of at least 200 words and no more than 400.  You can use any resources you’d like, including the Internet (with our class website) and our class paper (of which you’ll have a copy). Here are the questions you can choose from:

Option 1: Think of a scenario in which you might use a UAV to shoot video — it could be for news, an ad, a feature film, whatever. Assume you’re doing this in a country that doesn’t have any specific rules governing drones; the only requirement is “Just be safe.” Describe your scenario (what you want to shoot). How would you safely shoot your drone video? What precautions would you take?

Option 2: Imagine it’s 2016 and the FAA has adopted its rules governing commercial use of drones. Now somebody has to educate people about the rules. Who should do that? Propose a strategy for how to teach current and prospective drone pilots how to comply with the FAA rules. What kinds of organizations (such as the AMA or hobby shops) might be involved? And what should they teach? It’s OK to speculate on what rules you think the FAA will approve.


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