Weeks 7-10 in a Nutshell


Emotional resilience in the digital age, social emotional learning, and getting to know yourself all sort of goes hand-in-hand. All of these topics fall under the category of personal development and traits. Our ties to technology that come along with heightened anxiety, depression, and hampered sleep closely relates to our personal qualities and personalities. Our response to the digital age reflects our personality traits. As for social emotional learning, the focus was on earlier developmental years, like elementary school. Tapping into those earlier stages of life to help kids develop vital skills before reaching adulthood further shapes how they will act in a digital world. Reflecting back on the earlier weeks in the course, children would also be developing strengths, like mindfulness, for the working world and possibly even reducing their likelihood or severity of anxiety and depression later in life.

These past 10 weeks I’ve gained insight on many subjects. For starters, I was able to learn how to practice mindfulness skills. I’ve been able to incorporate these skills into my everyday life and I can’t imagine going back. Another subject was on addiction. Since I’m planning a career around drug rehabilitation and mental health counseling, it was really interesting to see how some personality traits of those who struggle with addiction are correlated with specific substances; I plan to carry this knowledge forward, as well. I look forward to what the weeks ahead have in store!


image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/forbesoste/15655214702

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