It is a Way of Life

Over the course of this past semester, I have learned so many every day life skills in this class as well as others. But a couple of lessons from SOH really stood out to me: mindfulness and the digital age.

The mindfulness aspect of the class was meaningful to my life because my psychiatrist has been begging me for YEARS to practice mindfulness skills everyday. Yet, the way I understood it made it seem like a lot of work that I would have to schedule into my day that was already too busy. I didn’t realize that mindfulness isn’t like that at all! Through the guided meditations in class, I realized you can practice these skills while brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, walking the dog, or even standing in line. Just take notice of the physical sensations that occur and stepping out of the constant babble of thought going through the mind 24/7. Now that I know these things, I have been and can continue to apply this to my everyday life. I’ve also started spreading this message to friends and family when they come to me feeling stressed out.

Another topic I’ve carried with me was the week we spent on the digital age. I did not feel as if I was attached to my phone because I’m not one to sit around texting or scrolling through social media, but after, I found myself spending time on my phone doing other things which I hadn’t even thought of as phone-things before learning about the time we spend on them each day. After that, I’ve been much more mindful about my electronics usage, and have tied in other aspects of the course to help with this like finding hobbies that tie into my strengths and personality that can keep me busy and focused and, of course, in my flow.

I chose this picture as a summary of our class because it is so true, happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life. And this class gave us the tools to start living it.

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