TEDU 411 – Week 4 Blog Post

Out of the top ten terms related to educational wishes for children, including wonder, desire, passion, risk taking, confidence, complexity, engagement, practicality, ownership, and empathy, I believe that risk taking is the most important for creating productive, positive learning outcomes. Risk taking is essential to learning, as it helps to promote a student to take the initiative. They grasp a hold of their own learning and strive to further it despite the idea that they may mess up or fail. And even if they do fail, students can learn from the experience and better prepare for the future. Risk taking is a factor in education that takes a lot of courage to engage in. But that courage and insistence is what really helps to pay off as in the end, the student, even the teacher, will learn and understand more not just about content in the curriculum, but about what it means to be a hard worker and how to succeed in life. So I believe that teachers and students should take to heart the idea of risk taking and try and engage in it when they can to better their learning overall.

I would try to incorporate this list of words based on wishes for learning in a rather simple matter. I think I would gather my class around, probably on the rug, and simply start by introducing all of the terms and having a small discussion about them. I would ask students to tell me what they think about each term or phrase and how that might be something they see in their school work. Afterwards, I could wrap up the lesson by having them write a short paragraph about their favorite, most impacting phrase and have them create some sort of picture to represent their writing. These finished products could then be displayed around the room and help students to not only remember what they shared, but learn about what is important to their peers as well.

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  1. I agree that risk taking is incredibly important. It relates to confidence as well. Once a student does take that risk and executes it in a way that they’re proud of, they’ll develop a degree of confidence.
    I like your idea to display their paragraphs around the room, as sort of a reminder for themselves, and a way to be proud of their work. I think it would also be interesting to have them share the word they chose and give a brief description about why. This verbal presentation piece could actually reflect your emphasis on the “risk taking” idea, because maybe not all students are totally comfortable with presenting. But, showing them that their classroom is a safe and respectful place will make that risk worth taking.
    I was always into art as a young elementary school student and would go above and beyond usually when an art component (drawing or painting) was assigned in an academic subject. I remember being nervous that I was placing too much emphasis on the art component over what the teacher “really wanted” but I was always met with a positive reaction, and proud teacher once my assignment was turned in. The risk taking piece really reminded me of that! It made me realize that it made an impact even later on in life because I know that just because a prompt is given doesn’t mean you’re restricted only to provide what’s included in it.

  2. Melanie, I also believe that risk taking is a very important education wish for students because it gets them out of their comfort zone and makes them venture out and create new opportunities for themselves that they wouldn’t if they never stepped out of that invisible box. Some students are not natural born risk takers, but with the right confidence boost, students can go so far with their success and be as creative as they want to be through their own work.

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