TEDU 411 – Final Project Update 2

From my first update, I’ve worked quite a bit on the final project. I have completely changed the color scheme, wanting to work with pinks rather than greens, as well as began working on incorporating more details. I have added in additional buildings to the actual cityscape and am in the process of adding in the little details such as the guard rail above the river. I have also began working on the actual shading that will hopefully help to really bring the piece to life.

From here, I need to continue finishing the little details and the over all shading and coloring to the piece. Once that is finished, I hope be able to try and infuse a bit of animation to the project as well. Though, that will depend on whether or not I am able to find a program that can support such a large canvas with animation.

I’ve learned, from my continuing work, that there is a lot more math incorporated into my art than I thought. I never really considered how much geometry, in dealing with the various shapes of the buildings and even in the sky, that gets incorporated into what I do. I have to consider not only what shapes to use, but then how to place and compose them so that they all flow together. Aside from that, I number computation in general is very apparent in my work from deciding how large to make a piece down to thinking about what size to make the brush I am working with to try and get the perfect line I need. There’s quite a bit that goes into making a piece like this, and I’ll be interested to see if anymore concepts become apparent as I continue on with my progress.

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