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This week’s assignment takes a look at assessment. And as such, we were tasked with assessing a fellow classmate/classmates’ work and consider what we would assess and why.

Below is a link to the group making activity that I have chosen for this assignment:

Making Art: Social Studies lesson

  1. How would you assess the activity if you were the teacher?

If I were the teacher for this project and product, I would most likely use it as a summative assignment that would take the place of a standard test. It not only fully covers a content area that is required for students to learn, but also incorporates aspects of creativity and critical thinking as well. I would be sure to look at the core content, social studies SOL, and whether or not that was covered. I would also consider the actual product and the process of creating the product, thinking about if it took time, thought, effort, and how it can be useful over all as a learning tool. And finally, I would consider the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into the project and whether or not it demonstrates critical thinking through an artistic medium.

2. Did the activity give enough opportunities for students to show their learning?

The activity did giver students an opportunity to show their learning. They had to think about the content in which they had learned, in this case the branches and levels of government in the United States, and apply it to a more abstract concept of matryoshka doll based, stacked boxes. It is not an activity that simply demonstrates memorization either. Students have to be able to recall information on the branches, and then expand on their thinking by considering how each interacts with one another and which boxes truly represent which levels.

How was the end product? Or was that even important to the activity?

The end product was phenomenal. It not only demonstrated creativity and an understanding of a social studies based topic, which was the focus, but also managed to incorporate math ideas into it as well with the box like shapes of the houses. And while, as I believe, the process of making the project was just as important as the actual product, the finished work can now be used as a tool for the students to recollect information and review, or even be challenged to take their thinking further and apply the boxes to other concepts within the world.

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  1. This is such a fun project. I think a way that as a teacher we could connect this further would be to have the students write facts about each level of government on the flaps they created. That way there physical representation can also be used as a study tool.

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