TEDU 411 – Week 12 – Art Activity

For our group, 3d printing project, we decided to focus on an activity for kindergartners. We came up with an idea that would focus on SOL English K.6, strand a, and would allow students to develop letter recognition through both a visual and manipulative perspective. The project itself would consist of printing out all 26 letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case, on small plaques using the 3d printers. With these, kindergartners would be able to touch and see all of the different letters and learn not only what they look like, but also what they might feel like as they associate the sounds with the actual letters. Not only this, but the letters could be used in things like guessing games where students have to guess what letter with their eyes closed based on feel. Another example would be having students use the letters to create words or phrases. There are a multitude of different things that these letters could be used for, but here are a few that might be especially useful for teaching kindergartners.

Project Link: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/l8G2VCngMCs-group-activity-manipulative-example/editv2?sharecode=xhOwO7Vtybu0CLItHsokebREzL8V2RpWMgc3-KLfuSs=

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