TEDU 411 – Final Project- Update 3

For the most part, I have almost finished my final project for the class. All of the large structures are now in place and have a definite shape as well as shading, and the detail work is almost halfway finished. The only thing left to really complete is the final detail work and the over all lighting to hopefully help give the cityscape a more night time like feel. And, as mentioned last time, I do hope to be able to try some sort of animation, even if it is just two frames going back and forth for stars twinkling or something simple like such.

I have learned that pieces that have such intricate detailing and small parts, or at least relatively small compared to the rest of it, require a multitude of different layers. Such layers really do help to keep things organized and facilitate any change that might be required as you continue to work on the piece. I have also learned that perfection is not necessarily needed to make a good piece. In fact, sometimes it is the imperfection and the human error in shape and such gives a piece more of a real feel. Nothing in the world is perfect and to try and replicate perfection in a representation of the world doesn’t really seem to make sense. Embrace the little details and their imperfections to bring a piece to life, as well as to not drive yourself crazy with work.

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