TEDU 591 – Multicultural Concept Map

This is multicultural concept map that I created to tie in multicultural book to several different areas of education. Below is the actual concept map as well as additional explanations for each area of the map.


Social Studies:

  • Activity: Map Activity. Students will work individually with a mapping worksheet to identify Vietnam and the United states on a section of the world map, as well as identify major geographic features surrounding both, such as mountains near both, the continents each are on, the ocean that separates them, and so on.
  • SOL: 3.6 The student will develop map skills by using globes and maps to
  • locate and describe major rivers, mountain ranges, and other geographic features of: 1. b) Asia; & d) North America

Language Arts:

  • Activity: Perspective Writing. Students will take on the perspective of an immigrant moving from their home country to another which speaks a different language, and explore how they might feel, as well as what they might encounter from such an experience. This will be done individually.
  • Activity: Welcoming List. Students will work in groups or pairs and craft a list of guidelines or ideas about how to greet and welcome a new student into their classroom. This should be done with colorful utensils on chart paper so that students can then share their ideas with the whole class afterwards.


  • Activity: Draw the Fair. Individually, students will work on drawing how they believe, based on the details provided in the book, what the Vietnamese fair looked like and what they might find there.
  • Activity: Matchbox Picture. Students will work individually to create a picture or drawing that they would keep in their own, personal matchbox, based on the events in the story. They would then write a small paragraph explaining why.

Physical Education/ Movement:

  • Activity: Dragon Dance. As a class, students will work to not only make props, a dragon with paper coils, but also preform a dance based off the dragon dances in New Year parades in the classroom in a conga line style.
  • SOL: 3.1 The student will demonstrate mature form (all critical elements) for a variety of skills and apply skills in increasingly complex movement activities; 1.e) Create and perform a dance sequence with different locomotor patterns, levels, shapes, pathways, and flow

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