Philosophy of Education – Revised

This is a short revision to my previous piece on my philosophy of education. With this, I have aimed to try and better encompass my beliefs and understandings of what an educator is in a direct and brief statement.

The role of an educator is ever growing and extremely complex in nature. One must not only act as a beacon of knowledge and information, but then must work numerous ways of ensuring that this information is passed to students in a viable, relatable, and understandable way. This is extremely difficult to do on its own, but that does not fully encompass the role of an educator. One must also be aware of their students and their lives. They must be willing to step back out of their own shoes and do everything that they can to ensure success for each and every child to the best of their abilities. This means going beyond just teaching content. This means that an educator teaches everything, from math and English to life skills and awareness of all facets of the world around us. It is extremely complex and unimaginably difficult. Yet people do it each and every day. They pour themselves into their work and aim to push past the limits of what is plausible and possible to create the best future possible for the next generations.

I aim to cater my own role as an educator to fit within these stringent parameters. I want to be the teacher that is there for my students no matter what they need or when they need it. This will no doubt include long evenings and sleepless nights as I work to perfect lessons and even just to understand students as they come into my life, and I into theirs. With time, patience, and love, I hope to create a classroom, every year, that acts as a place of caring, warm, and learning. Afterall, students learn the best when they feel safe and happy. They learn the best when they feel like they and their input is important, which both of these things are. My role will be difficult and there will be times that I feel it is too much, but I hope to never stop helping students to grow, and I hope that with this, I never stop growing and learning myself.

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