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Conference Attendance – Teachers Of Promise Institute

As of late March, 2019, I have had the honor of attending the Teachers of Promise Institute. At this conference, various education students from all over Virginia and neighboring states were not only recognized as great, promising teachers of tomorrow, but also had the chance to further their understanding of education through a number of different seminars. It was an honor to be recognized as someone with such potential, and I hope to be able to prove myself worthy of such when I do enter into the work field.

The VCU students who attended the Teachers of Promise Institute. I am third from the left.

Philosophy of Education – Revised

This is a short revision to my previous piece on my philosophy of education. With this, I have aimed to try and better encompass my beliefs and understandings of what an educator is in a direct and brief statement.

The role of an educator is ever growing and extremely complex in nature. One must not only act as a beacon of knowledge and information, but then must work numerous ways of ensuring that this information is passed to students in a viable, relatable, and understandable way. This is extremely difficult to do on its own, but that does not fully encompass the role of an educator. One must also be aware of their students and their lives. They must be willing to step back out of their own shoes and do everything that they can to ensure success for each and every child to the best of their abilities. This means going beyond just teaching content. This means that an educator teaches everything, from math and English to life skills and awareness of all facets of the world around us. It is extremely complex and unimaginably difficult. Yet people do it each and every day. They pour themselves into their work and aim to push past the limits of what is plausible and possible to create the best future possible for the next generations.

I aim to cater my own role as an educator to fit within these stringent parameters. I want to be the teacher that is there for my students no matter what they need or when they need it. This will no doubt include long evenings and sleepless nights as I work to perfect lessons and even just to understand students as they come into my life, and I into theirs. With time, patience, and love, I hope to create a classroom, every year, that acts as a place of caring, warm, and learning. Afterall, students learn the best when they feel safe and happy. They learn the best when they feel like they and their input is important, which both of these things are. My role will be difficult and there will be times that I feel it is too much, but I hope to never stop helping students to grow, and I hope that with this, I never stop growing and learning myself.

Professional Organization – NSTA

Each teacher in training, as required by VCU, is asked to join a professional, educational organization. As such, we are given a variety of different groups and organizations to join that span across various different topics and content areas.

I have joined the NSTA, National Science Teachers Association. This organization focuses on the promotion, integration, and continued growth of science and the study of science within a classroom. Below is a link to their website which can offer more insight for anyone who is interested in it.

NSTA Website Link

TEDU 414 – Philosophy of Teaching

This is a personal writing and perspective of my own philosophy on teaching. It touches on several ideas based around teaching and was a way for me to really consider what I believe to be true for teaching.

Philosophy of Teaching

The role of a teacher is simple, yet complex. They are there to act as a mentor to students, as someone who can help a young mind come to understand the world in which they live, both academically and in life itself, and furthermore, help them to find where they belong in such a vast place. A teacher’s role is to facilitate learning and promote internal and external growth in their students through dedication, care, patience, and love. And as such, a teacher must be aware that all students learn their best differently and must then be able to cater their teaching to these differences. A good teacher, a teacher who truly wants to see their students succeed and excel in shaping the future of our world, is one that will work with a student, no matter what they need, and help that child to reach their full potential in all areas of learning.

With my own teaching, I hope to be able to fulfill this role as a mentor, a guide, and a caregiver. I will do everything in my power to ensure that my students not only learn, but have all of the necessary tools to learn what they need to and have fun while doing so. I hope to incorporate a plethora of different lessons and activities in my teaching, such as getting the students moving with content based movement games or allowing them to so their artist expression and understanding of a subject through fine arts and projects, to ensure that all of my students, no matter if they are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, gain something from their schooling. And not only will I work to make sure that they have what they need to be prepared for the future, but I will also be sure to be prepared myself before teaching them. I will plan my lessons beforehand, using the state standards as guidelines and my own thinking as well as help from my fellow teachers or other resources, to ensure maximum time spent learning and reduce the chance of any issues with time or behavioral management. After all, the less time spent quieting the class down or setting up an activity, the more time can be spent actually teaching the content. Technology will also have a place in my classroom. I hope to be able to use any available technology to enhance my teaching, whether it be implementing SmartBoard, interactive activities into my teaching or simply helping students to have visuals with their notes by creating PowerPoints. There is nothing that I would not try to use in my classroom to expand and help perfect the effectiveness of my teaching.

While there is always room for growth and improvement, and one should never stop striving to learn and grow, there are a few aspects of my teaching that I know work in my favor as an effective teacher. I am very energetic. It is easy for me to get a group of students excited or for a lesson because I am able to go into a room with pep and pizzazz enough to make the content interesting. I am also quite patient and can easily sit down and work on something for long periods of time without issue. But even being such, I understand that my students may not be the same and that sometimes we may just need to change things up. I also come from a very diverse family and background, with all of my family being from places all over the world, and can use that to not only interest students, but also connect with them. I can use it as a stepping stone to support diversity in my class and help students understand we are all different, but that it is good and it makes us who we are. These are just a few of traits that I know I possess and can use to better support my students as they learn. But even with that said, there is so much more for me to discover. I hope to continue to build up my teaching and my own learning so that I can better help to inspire students to do the same, to keep learning, to keep growing, and to keeping working towards being the best person that they can be.