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TEDU 411 – Final Project- Update 3

For the most part, I have almost finished my final project for the class. All of the large structures are now in place and have a definite shape as well as shading, and the detail work is almost halfway finished. The only thing left to really complete is the final detail work and the over all lighting to hopefully help give the cityscape a more night time like feel. And, as mentioned last time, I do hope to be able to try some sort of animation, even if it is just two frames going back and forth for stars twinkling or something simple like such.

I have learned that pieces that have such intricate detailing and small parts, or at least relatively small compared to the rest of it, require a multitude of different layers. Such layers really do help to keep things organized and facilitate any change that might be required as you continue to work on the piece. I have also learned that perfection is not necessarily needed to make a good piece. In fact, sometimes it is the imperfection and the human error in shape and such gives a piece more of a real feel. Nothing in the world is perfect and to try and replicate perfection in a representation of the world doesn’t really seem to make sense. Embrace the little details and their imperfections to bring a piece to life, as well as to not drive yourself crazy with work.

TEDU 411 – Final Project Update 2

From my first update, I’ve worked quite a bit on the final project. I have completely changed the color scheme, wanting to work with pinks rather than greens, as well as began working on incorporating more details. I have added in additional buildings to the actual cityscape and am in the process of adding in the little details such as the guard rail above the river. I have also began working on the actual shading that will hopefully help to really bring the piece to life.

From here, I need to continue finishing the little details and the over all shading and coloring to the piece. Once that is finished, I hope be able to try and infuse a bit of animation to the project as well. Though, that will depend on whether or not I am able to find a program that can support such a large canvas with animation.

I’ve learned, from my continuing work, that there is a lot more math incorporated into my art than I thought. I never really considered how much geometry, in dealing with the various shapes of the buildings and even in the sky, that gets incorporated into what I do. I have to consider not only what shapes to use, but then how to place and compose them so that they all flow together. Aside from that, I number computation in general is very apparent in my work from deciding how large to make a piece down to thinking about what size to make the brush I am working with to try and get the perfect line I need. There’s quite a bit that goes into making a piece like this, and I’ll be interested to see if anymore concepts become apparent as I continue on with my progress.

TEDU 411 – Final Project Update 1

For my final project in TEDU 411, I have decided that I would like to try and create a large sized, digital city-scape styled to look pixelated. I have always loved digital art and have recently been getting very into working with a more pixelated style, thanks to playing a lot of retro games recently like the original Final Fantasy and Pokemon installments. So, I decided that I would like to try and create a piece larger and more detailed than any I have worked with in that style. It will be about 8 inches tall by 15 inches wide, massive compared to the 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch canvases I usually work with. I have also never been very good at creating landscapes or backgrounds, instead focusing exclusively on character art. And so, I hope to create and to capture a picturesque verdant city with plenty of detail, and if possible, some animation.

Final Project progress as of 2/15/18

So far, I have created the canvas using a program called Adobe Photoshop, chosen a color pallet, and began the process of creating the sky and the background buildings of the landscape. I have come to realize that such a large piece, at least on my standards, will require quite a bit more detail than my others, and I must be sure to keep to my work schedule and continue working with it. I have also learned that putting down a project and coming back to work on it later truly does allow for the most improvement. I came back to the canvas after saving a few days ago and completely hated the shape of the buildings and how they didn’t fill the full screen, and so I changed it and feel much better about the foundation of my piece. I still have lots more to complete, like finishing the basic objects in the foreground, then working on the multitudes of detail that need to go into the piece to bring it to life, and finally adding any animation I can to really tie everything together. That may not seem like too much, but those three steps can potentially take me days depending on how much time I can pour into it at a time and whether or not my software wants to cooperate. Nonetheless, I am excited to see what the finished product will look like.