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TEDU 411 – Week 12 – Blog Post

When thinking about different organizations or groups that might want to collaborate with students to help broaden their perspectives with art, the first thing that comes to mind is the different colleges around the area. When I was a student, in high school, we actually helped VCU with a project to promote the importance of understanding how certain diseases affect one’s life. We made brochures for VCU which ended up being used by some of the students in one of the medical programs to promote health. I feel like something similar could be done with elementary school children as well. Students or classes or researches in any department at any school could collaborate with elementary school children and help them learn about a multitude of subjects through art based, project focused activities and learning. There is so much that can be done from working with engineering students to create something that can give back to their school or the community, to helping the theater department promote plays and literature through creating posters or flyers. So much can be done with colleges, in terms of collaboration, for any subject and any grade.