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TEDU 411 – Week 14 – Blog Post

This week’s assignment was to try one of the activities from our text book related to music. We were to listen to a piece of music and then analyze it in terms of looking at it as a piece of text or literature.

A. For my song, I listened to Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman. It is a fun swing piece that incorporates a multitude of instruments found in old fashioned swing bands like trumpets, trombones, violins, bass violins, pianos, and all kinds of other instruments. It has a very upbeat, almost bouncy feel to it, and I always feel like it is supposed to evoke a feeling of being in the heat of large party. One should feel hot and sweaty, but be having fun because of all the energy and excitement around them. Through its near constant upbeat tones and roller coaster like crescendos, it keeps the listener waiting for more, excited and happy all at the same time. There are lulls in the music, and I could see how others might see a different image with those, but I feel it just adds to the over all tension, like a sort of calm before the storm. Overall, the piece is super fun to listen to and to dance to, perfect for imagining a party like environment.

B. After listening to it a second time, I also noticed at some points it seemed to almost have a menacing sound to it. It was almost like watching an old fashioned mob movie where a big fight was about to go down or something. Either way, a party or a fight, the song certainly gets one fired up and hanging on the edge of their seat to see what’s next.