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TEDU 411 – Week 11 – Blog Post

There are a multitude of different outlets in any community that can be used to engage with the arts, or anything learning related in general. A few of those resources for our community, around Richmond, include things like, the obvious, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Not only is it a completely free resource for everyone to use, it also helps to expose people and students to the arts through a historical context. Students would gain both an understanding of different arts and how they exist in our world, as well as how they relate in terms of history and what it was like during the time the various pieces were created. Along with the museum, VCU or the other colleges around could also work as a part of the community that engages students in the arts. They could do so in several ways too, either by going and actually interacting with the students, or helping to propose different projects or activities that students could take part in that relate to both the community and art. And finally, things like the culture of Richmond or Virginia and the history of the area could also work as a great topic to help bring in the arts. Students could be tasked with looking at all the murals around the city and then creating their own that relate to an SOL or something similar. There are waves upon waves of various people, places, and things in our community that can help get students actively working with the arts without them even really knowing it. By simply looking at what’s around them and really thinking about how something might be related to the ideas about art they have learned about, art would be woven into their everyday learning and lives.