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TEDU 411 – Week 3 Blog Post

Following our class activity, making songs to go along with SOL content,  and the readings this week, we were tasked with answering a few questions relating the two. The class was asked to explain how the song activity exemplifies the three different ways to use art in the classroom, learning with, through, and about art, and if the activity incorporated one of these more than the others.

Crafting our own songs in class exemplified all three of the different methods of using art in the classroom, at least to some extent. Of the three topics, the song creating activity definitely related to the concept of learning through art the most. We used the medium of art, making our own songs, to both reinforce the SOL content being taught, or hopefully taught in classrooms, as well as gained  more and deeper understanding of some of the content too with some of the specific songs presented to the class. Basically, by actually working with an art form, we worked to better understand and remember content.

While it does not relate back to the activity as strongly as learning through art, the idea of learning with art did have grounds while we made our songs, more specifically afterwards. It could be argued that by watching others perform their songs, we were able to gain more or new understandings or perspectives about the topic at hand.

And lastly, learning about art related to the songs activity in some ways. There was not a lot to learn about the actual process of creating art, songs in this case, but we still had to think about and consider rhythm, beat, and even rhyme when creating them. So in a way we did learn, or at least brush up, on what a song is and how to make one with this weeks activity. Though even with that, I would say that it was the least incorporated into the task.

As mentioned above, I believe that the songs activity focused more on learning through art than the other two methods. It relied heavily on taking content and facilitating it through an art based medium in order to build up and support knowledge of the subject of focus.