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TEDU 411 – Week 3 – Art Activity

The States of Matter Song, created to act as reinforcement for students as they learn about matter and its forms.


States, states, states of matter, there are only three

Solid, liquid, and there’s gas,

Water can be three


Liquid, liquid is the first,

It flows freely in the sea


Gas, gas, gas is next,

It will never rest


Solid, solid is the last,

Always keeps its shape


States, states, states of matter,

There are only three

TEDU 411 – Week 2 Blog Post

This week, the class was tasked with creating a personal website and reading chapter one in Arts Integration: Teaching Subject Matter through the Arts in Multicultural SettingsĀ by Meryl Goldberg. Once finished we were then prompted to relate the two back to one another and to K-5 teaching.

Our personal websites relate to all three different ways art is used in education, as mentioned in our textbook, art as texts, arts integration, and arts education. The websites relate back to art as text because they allow for a student, or anyone, to see actual, tangible pieces and concepts that reflect various ideas of different times and places in the world. For instance, a picture of a famous monument could be used to not only showcase the building, but also inform people of the history behind it. People could see the picture and learn about why it was made, when, and where. They also relate to the idea of arts integration by teaching students how to work with technology with an arts centered focus. Through making, posting, and writing about art on a digital platform, students learn how to work with and use technology. And finally, the websites and creating them relate back to arts education through the content being created for them. Students work on creating and thinking about art as they post it to their websites.

If I were to take the website activity and use it in a K-5 class, there are a few things I would modify to both better fit the students and the different ways. For one, I would simplify the assignments and the set up for the websites. We would focus, most likely, only on the daily art postings. This would help students to more easily learn how to use the technology, having less to do, and better address the idea of arts integration. Not only that, but it would also help to enhance the focus on the art itself, allowing students to really pay attention to their art, others’ art, and what it all means, as well as what it means to work with making art. This would help better incorporate art as text and arts education to younger students. I would also try to make the activity as much an in person task as an individual online one. This would allow me, as the teacher, to help students better understand why we would do such an activity. Again, this would better help enforce the concept of arts integration. There are, of course, other ideas that I could try to use to modify the activity, but these are a few of them.