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TEDU 411 – Week 10 – Art Activity

This week’s activity was to create a digital story based on anything that we would like. I chose to try and create mine as a teaching tool/aid. It works as informative video about matter that could be used to introduce the topic or use it as a quick review of it.

TEDU 411 – Week 3 – Art Activity

The States of Matter Song, created to act as reinforcement for students as they learn about matter and its forms.


States, states, states of matter, there are only three

Solid, liquid, and there’s gas,

Water can be three


Liquid, liquid is the first,

It flows freely in the sea


Gas, gas, gas is next,

It will never rest


Solid, solid is the last,

Always keeps its shape


States, states, states of matter,

There are only three

INSC 310 – Properties of Matter

The topics that we have been focusing on, and that relates to this activity, are the concepts of diffusion and osmosis. This is basically the movement of molecules through cells from high to low concentration Both are passive processes, and osmosis is different from diffusion because it focuses solely on the movement of water. This plays into the activity, “Eggs in Vinegar and Syrup”, because we observed directly the process of osmosis with it. The eggs, once the shells were dissolved with vinegar, were both placed into two containers of water and syrup. The ones in water retained their puffy, water filled appearance, while the ones in syrup looked deflated and shriveled thanks to the water leaving the high concentration in the egg and moving to the lower concentration in the syrup.

This is a great activity to show students just how diffusion and osmosis work. It might be a timely experiment that requires a few days, but it is an excellent way to give a physical demonstration of a concept that can often be very difficult for younger students to grasps. They are able to really see how the eggs change and how water and other molecules will move between semi-permeable membranes. It also offers a hands-on approach as well in which students can safely touch and explore the eggs once their shells have been dissolved. It is a fun experiment that offers multitudes of learning styles to cater to student needs and enforce the concepts of matter, diffusion, and osmosis.

Eggs in syrup and water

INSC 310 – Properties of Matter

For this activity, our subject of focus was the properties of matter. In class, we have explored several different ideas within this topic, including understanding the different states of matter, learning about volume and density, and what constitutes as a physical versus a chemical change in terms of matter. The activity itself, “Mass and Density Activity Sheet”, focused on determining the density and mass of certain objects and whether or not these had higher or lower mass/density to the other objects. The objects in question were various cylinders of the same size and shape. The only difference between them was the material that they were made of. Using scales, we found the different masses of each cylinder and were able to try and determine density with the given mass.

This activity is a bit of a trick for those who do not pay attention. It does a good job keeping in showing students how different materials can have different masses and densities while still appearing as the same size and shape. However, some of the questions, or wording in the questions, is a little confusing, and I would probably try to work with it before I actually gave this activity to a class. All in all though, it is a good activity that helps students to really visualize how different matters can have different properties.

Picture of the activity