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TEDU 411 – Week 6 Blog Post

Of all the different art forms that could be used to help better understand history and historical contexts in a classroom, I believe that a combination of visual and media arts would be the most useful. With more concrete, visible arts, students would have a real insight on what a certain era in time was like. Not only could they see with photographs, paintings, murals, and etc, what places and people looked and acted like, but also what the people of that time valued as well. They could better understand the culture of the time and place by seeing the different styles and details that would be included in such visual forms of art. Students would not have to wonder what life in a specific time period looked like, and potentially be completely off, because they would have that visual to help them understand. It could even act as a basis of understanding for them to build up a background sort of knowledge which they could then make inferences and come up with ideas, using their own creativity, about what could have been happening at that time in our history. Overall, it would act as both a solid, accurate view into the time period that also could be used as a stimulant for creative ideas and thinking about that specific portion of history.

I feel as though I will most definitely rely and lean on visual arts as a way to help students better understand a subject or concept. Visuals can be two very important things in learning. They can act as extra support, reaffirming ideas that the students are learning through a different, visual based method. Or, they can act as a method of teaching to help students who are visual learners actually understand concepts that they otherwise would not. Not only that, but visual arts also helps to engage students and have them consider the subject at hand without limiting, very much at least, their ideas and own concepts about a topic. As a visual artist myself, I feel as though it plays very important role in the classroom and for learning, and so I hope to have my students experience more learning with this form of art when I am an educator.