Man-Computer Symbiosis

The other main aim is closely related. It is to bring computing machines effectively into processes of thinking that must go on in “real time,” time that moves too fast to permit using computers in conventional ways. Imagine trying, for example, to direct a battle with the aid of a computer on such a schedule as this. You formulate your problem today. Tomorrow you spend with a programmer. Next week the computer devotes 5 minutes to assembling your program and 47 seconds to calculating the answer to your problem. You get a sheet of paper 20 feet long, full of numbers that, instead of providing a final solution, only suggest a tactic that should be explored by simulation. Obviously, the battle would be over before the second step in its planning was begun. To think in interaction with a computer in the same way that you think with a colleague whose competence supplements your own will require much tighter coupling between man and machine than is suggested by the example and than is possible today.”


This paragraph alone depicts the elimination of slow paced technology in accordance to our fast paced lifestyles. Our society has developed a norm that enables everything from food, technology, and everyday lifestyles to be quick, easy, and efficient. We have become do disconnected to our natural rhythm of habits, that one can oftentimes be overwhelmed by the stress to succeed. Fast food restaurants have become increasingly popular throughout the past decade, as well as the necessity of fast technology. Humans have become obsessed with doing things quickly, for example, we become easily frustrated when our Internet, email, and cell phones are running slow. The development of fast paced lifestyles can be easily acquainted with the rise of the machine. The rise of technology has influenced our lives more greatly than we will ever know, and recognizing when our society could completely fall under the reigns of technology will be vital.


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